Plumbline Packages

Our packages are designed

for light-touch, high-value

relational accountability

and alignment over the

course of the year to keep

healthy companies moving

in a healthy direction.


We are far from experts on

every company and context,

but we believe our process

helps any founder move

toward more consistent

financial growth and

spiritual impact.

Individual Engagement includes one-on-one virtual meetings in which we engage in the Healthy Business Octagon and produce stunning  investment reports throughout the year. Baseline and endline assessments will be used to determine growth opportunities. Over the course of the annual engagement, founders and companies will be coached on implementing consistent rhythms to support business goals, including:

  • Regularly occurring company prayer calls
  • Quantitative spiritual impact metrics
  • Set up and maintenance of a secure data room for financial, legal and other important documents.

In addition, we’ll provide tools and support on:

  • founder health
  • team relational health
  • resources for critical venture building activities
  • fundraising templates

Individual engagement packages start at $10K/year.

Group Facilitation includes monthly group virtual discussions with like-minded founders. These groups, consisting of 4-8 participants, will foster encouragement and accountability among portfolio companies as they discuss and execute our healthy business octagon. 

This engagement is less intimate and hands-on than the individual engagement, yet some of the results can be just as productive because of the added element of social accountability. 

We try to organize groups based on affinities such as region and industry to provide as much alignment as possible. As these groups develop a secure data room, launch consistent prayer calls and experiment with tracking quantitative spiritual impact metrics, they get to share all they are learning with each other. 

Their journey thru founder health and team relational health is also compounded by the wisdom of the group.  

Group facilitation packages start at $5K/year.