Keep Healthy Businesses Healthy

The Plumbline approach focuses on the following 8 activities we believe keep healthy businesses healthy. These are not just 8 bullet points, but interconnected elements for optimal performance. 

Therefore, the healthy business octagon (HBO) was born! 

Let’s dig into each of the aspects of the octagon below and how we provide support along the way. 

Healthy Businesses:

Maintain Secure Data – A secure data room is like curb appeal on a house. It doesn’t increase the value of the home but it drastically increases the likelihood the home will sell. Even if a business never intends on being acquired, the stewardship and organizational health of having an up to date data room will increase the likelihood of investors injecting capital in your next round. We make this process easy, creating a data room for each company we serve along with a checklist to hold you accountable. 

Prioritize Founder Health – 72% of founders express mental health issues negatively affect their venture’s success. We are not a team of counselors, but we can ask direct questions, be a sounding board and point you to healthy resources when appropriate. 

Identify Resources for Venture Building Activities – We will never pretend to be experts for all businesses in all industries in all parts of the globe, but we can curate a strong list of references we trust on all types of venture building activities from HR to Legal to Software Development. Let’s determine what are the next best steps and who you need in your corner to make it happen. 

Produce Engaging Quarterly Reports – The current reporting structure is it never happens or there is 40 page black and white report produced every 3 months and not much in between. We aim to help our companies develop a one page engaging infographic that highlights 12-24 data points the company is tracking from a financial and spiritual as well as quantitative and qualitative perspective. 

Prepare for Future Fundraising – We love helping founders grasp the concept that, to some extent, every decision they make is preparing them for future fundraising. Making decisions concerning the business with an ability to consider how it will be perceived by potential investors is a healthy habit. This type of thinking is greatly informed by some of the other activities on this list such as maintaining a data room and producing engaging reports. We help our founders to be in a confident position when it comes time to raise capital with strong relationships, organized financials and clearly crafted pitch decks. 

Team Relational Health – 65% of startups fail due to lack of team alignment. We want to provide assessments, tools and resources to ensure your team is pulling in the same direction. 

Hosts Consistent Prayer Calls – We believe prayer calls are the easiest and yet the most critical keystone habit any company could incorporate into their business.

Track Quantitative Spiritual Impact – This may be the most difficult tree to climb among all of the HBO activities but we believe it’s vitally important to catalyze financial growth with a spiritual impact metric that is strategic and quantitative. We’ll help you determine some options to consider, begin tracking them and assess the outcomes.